Welcome to Eo Vita.

What is Eo Vita? Well, it’s pseudo-Latin. Eo, Vita; from Latin Eo, meaning Go and Vita, meaning Live. Now, “live” as in to live your life to the fullest – i.e. living. NOT live as in the baracuda is alive, NOT live as the cable is not the neutral.

So what is this site about? Well, I’m Michele. I do some pretty weird things with my life. To put it simply, I refuse to waste my life sitting on a couch, watching time fly by. Infinity may be held within an hour, but a human life is a mere blink of an eye. This planet we are on has a massive array of cultures, places, attractions, trees, mountains, oceans, deserts… well, I better not get carried away! In a nutshell, there are lots of things to see, do, try and taste!

So. Without further ago. Go. Live!

If you are still reading this, you are sitting in front of a screen. Do Something*!

The minute the photographer clicks the shot, he immortalises for all eternity an instant that already no longer exists.

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* Thanks to davidjpowell for spotting the typo 🙂