I usiędzie na twym brzegu
dumać nad przeszłością –
I żyć będzie dla swej ziemi
Czynem i miłością!
– Jan Kubisz
Warsaw, Poland – 2011

(c) M. Daryanani
To be honest, I’m not really sure where to start (as usual!). Given my limited experience with Poland, it reminds me of Pierogi, Basha and Arthur… oh yes, and some of the most melacholic poetry I have read!
Having been to Poland only once, my exposure has been limited… but wow what a country! Leaving aside the “material” (Vodka for 4-euro’s a bottle, a whole meal for 5 people for less tha 20-euros and a 31-bedroom mansion for 350,000 euros) the country has so much to offer.
With a very complex history, Poland was invaded multiple times and savaged over and over. Yet, the Polish people I met have a very strong sense of national pride and unity (just don’t mention football teams!). I was truly impressed by their resolve not to forget WW2. In most European countries, I’ve seen a crumbling monument in a lonely park somewhere dedicated to those that sacrificed so much for our freedom. In Poland, there isn’t a corner where you cannot find some reference, reminder or link back.
Don’t even get me started about the food… while I cannot pronounce half the names, let alone spell them…  Zurek, Pierogi and Galonka… <drool>. and that pickled cabbage with pork and mushrooms thing…  It’s a foodies heaven!
So… what to do in Poland… well, as always, there is way too much… by my bucket list was restricted to three items; and one isn’t on this site. I decided to leave Auschwitz out of the site as while this was (and is) something that I HAD to see, had to touch, had to experience; it’s about not forgetting past atrocities and partly out of respect and partly due to the content I felt it wasn’t appropriate to have it here. I may change my mind at some point…
Anyhow, without further ado… Poland’s bucket list!

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