Mingle with the Goths at Kensal Green Open Day

The Kensal Green Cemetary is one of England’s oldest active burial grounds, with its first funeral in January 1833. At the time, the cemetery was innovative in having most of the site consecrated by the Church of England, but reserving the eastern spur for Dissenters and others to practise their own burial rites.

Every Sunday in the summer months (1 March to end October) and on the first and third Sunday of the month in the winter months (1 November to end February) the Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery run a 2 hour tour of Kensal Green Cemetary. On the first and third Sunday of the month, the tour descends into the catacomb beneath the Anglican Chapel. (wiki)

More importantly – on the first Saturday of July there is an open day… This year, the tour is July 7th, 2012.

A surreal event, with a convergence of Goths, Funeral exhibits, hearse drivers, food, music and catacomb tours, it’s one of the weirder events in London; one which can only be described as a mix between a concert, a funeral and a fair.

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