✔Hide in a Secret Nuclear Bunker

During the cold war, a someone over at GCHQ got a little worried about what would happen to the British government should the big ones hit. As such, they decided to build the proverbial tin-foil hat… difference is, with a budget larger than a few pennies, the tin foil hat turned into a 3-storey bunker buried almost 100 feet under the rolling hills in North London.

In 1994; the government decided that the Russian threat wasn’t such a big deal anymore, and the bunker was costing them (or the taxpayer) more than it was worth, and was sold on. Now, it is open to the public.

I’ve been to the bunker twice, and don’t have the pictures to prove it! The first time I didn’t have a camera, and the second my brand new batteries couldn’t provide enough juice for the camera to work (d*mn you Duracel budget range!)

I’ll eventually get some pictures… when I go back the third time! In the meantime, have a look at their site: http://www.secretnuclearbunker.com/index.html

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