Holler’ at the National Hollerin’ Contest

The National Hollerin’ Contest, first held in 1969, is an annual competition held in Spivey’s Corner, North Carolina.

The National Hollerin’ Contest is probably one of the most… “unique” “cultural” gatherings in America (and probably the world). Before technology came around, people used to holler to get their message heard, it was a basic form of communication.

As champion hollerer H.H. Oliver says, “It was a thing that had to go on. When you had trouble, you had to holler. There was as much a need for hollerin’ as there was for eatin’ in that day.”

If Hollerin’ isn’t your thing, there are other contests at the event… there are whistling, conch shell blowing, fox horn blowing and a green pepper contests as well! Oh, and the watermelon roll…  where you need to carry a watermelon for 20-yards (almost 20-meters) while the local firemen try to blast you to the ground with a firehose… moonshine optional…

When: June every year
Where: Spivey’s Corner, NC, U.S.A.

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