Cycle El Camino de la Muerte

El Camino de la Muerte, or the Yugas Road in Bolivia is often referred to as the most dangerous road in the world. Estimates are that 200-300 people die each year on the Yungas Road, so much so that it has been nicknamed “El Camino de la Muerte” – quite literally the road of death.

The interesting part is that the deaths aren’t usually related to classical accidents, but to the fact that the road surface is slippery, only a single lane wide (in most places <3m wide), there are no rail guides and there is a 600-meter drop on the side. Interestingly, while all of Bolivia drives on the right, on the Yungas road, given the importance of seeing how close the outer wheel is to the edge, it is customary to drive on the left (just so that the drive can see how many centimeters or millimeters separate him from certain death).

When? All year round!
Where? Bolivia!

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